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"Wishful Traveling"

An exercise for Passionate Travelers in Coronavirus Lockdown! 

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Throughout history, across cultures, and through very tough times, this saying has been quoted time and time again! And it's true! Here in New Zealand, we are in total lockdown and all doing our best to lessen the effects of this horrific, highly contagious. worldwide virus. The world has NEVER been a smaller place!

The travel industry worldwide is in utter and absolute turmoil. Travelers are isolated all over the world and unable to make it home. Many people's dream trips and holidays have been canceled and travel plans put on indefinite hold. Such great disappointment for so many!

We, at 'So Many Places! So Little Time! ' were so very lucky to be able to complete our five-week tour of Europe in February and return home unscathed, just a week before all hell broke loose in New Zealand. 

Corona Virus Crisis by pix-4-2-day

At first, when we heard that our borders would be closed to international travelers, we thought that although we wouldn't be able to travel overseas, we would do some leisurely trips around New Zealand, exploring places we hadn't been to before, revisiting old favorites, calling in on friends scattered about the country, and supporting New Zealand tour businesses without the crowds of overseas tourists who are normally in NZ in March and April!


Kapow! That idea was soon shot down in flames as New Zealand was very quickly put in lockdown and we were told, in no uncertain terms, to stay within our own homes. 

So here we all are locked-down in our own "bubbles" taking one day at a time! 

It's just impossible though to stop addicted travelers from constantly talking, thinking, and dreaming about travel, Here's one way to keep the travel enthusiasm on high.   It's called "WISHFUL TRAVELING"

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On Top of the World

It's a bit like "wishful thinking." It's putting some future travel dreams in place. It's doing some Wishful Travel planning so that we are prepared and ready to go when the new travel world reopens. It's keeping the mind open to endless opportunities. It's using the power of visualization.

At the end of this exercise, you will have plans ready for when the travel world is open for business again and if you have plenty of time and the inclination, you may want to put together a scrapbook for your "Wishful Traveling." As you complete the exercises print photos off the internet and scraps of information and add them to your book. 

First of all, you will need a world map and a scrapbook or notebook. 

Map of the World by Martyn Wright - Flickr
Travel Journal

1. Take a good long look at the world map. 

What is one place you have ALWAYS wished you could go to?  

Do not think about the cost or time involved. We have no idea what the new travel reality will look like and this is Wishful Traveling. This is a place you really wish you could travel to.


Write the name of this place in large letters at the top of the page

2. Now write down why you want to travel there or have always wanted to go there?


Do some more research to list-

What are all the must-see places?

What are the must-do experiences?

Waiheke Island

                                     RESEARCH TIPS: GOOGLE  & PINTEREST 

GOOGLE: When you type in a place name on Google it will usually show the large tour company's commercial results for your search. For more personal and interesting information when you google, type in the place + blogs, e,g. Vienna + blogs. This will give you a much more personalized result. 

PINTEREST is another excellent source of personal information that will have a wealth of information for your Wishful Traveling.

Go to YouTube and do some virtual traveling with travel videos of your destination.

Tour around and have a nosy about the area using Google Earth street view!

3. When answering the questions below, remember, this is WISHFUL TRAVELING. 
Disregard the cost, your current commitments and any other constraints that may have stopped you planning a trip to your dream destination in the past!

When do you want to go? Summer? Winter?  Which month or months? Why?

Bullet Journal

4. How long would you wish to stay?

Do you just want to stay long enough to see and do the things on your list or would you prefer to stay longer and live like a local? Maybe house sitting or working in the area could be an option.

5. How would you wish to travel to get there?

Consider all the options because we have no idea what travel transport will look like in the near future? Can you drive? Would you like to go by ship- cruise, yacht or cargo ship?  Is rail travel on your wish list? If you can fly what would be your flight route and would you need or like to stop over anywhere? 

Majestic Princess at sea
Rail travel
Airplane travel

6. Where would you wish to stay?

A five-star hotel?  An amazing character-filled Airbnb? A buzzing backpackers?  Is house sitting an option? On a houseboat?  You choose. It's wishful traveling. 


RESEARCH NOTE- Type in Google "Places to stay in X Blog" This will give you peoples personal experiences.

5 star hotel
Houseboat by spfarrell47- Flickr


This will be a rough idea only because we have no idea what airline, cruise or accommodation costs will be like in the new travel era after coronavirus but it will be an approximation.




DAILY FOOD & DRINKS x X DAYS          _________________

TRAVEL INSURANCE X DAYS?              __________________


Any special requirements?  Your own notes? Would there be any special packing needs? Reminder list for things that would need to be done before you go?


Visualization is a powerful key!

It may seem today that you will never have the opportunity, time or money to take this trip that you have always wished you could do, but it's amazing what can happen when you have visualized an event and put your mind to work thinking about it. 

We do know that this Coronavirus era shall pass and a new and probably different travel era will begin. And when it does you are prepared, have a plan in place and are ready to go. 

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