There are some magnificent, recently published travel books that are excellent to have as resources for your travel plans, or are just great to have sitting on your coffee table, so that from time to time you can flick through and reminisce about places visited in the past, or dream of places you’d like to explore in the future.


Here are some of our favorites!   Enjoy!

LATEST travel book review


Michael Palin says "Monica Rajesh has chosen one of the best ways of seeing the world. Never too fast, never too slow, her journey does what trains do best. Getting to the heart of things. Prepare for a very fine ride." 

Monica is a British journalist with a passion for train travel. In her first book, she spent three months on a 25,000-mile train trip around India.


In this book, she planned to circumnavigate the globe with her fiancee over a seven month period, on 80 train trips covering 45,000 miles and what a trip it was! She gives a very vivid and often humorous account of the trip as she relates the interesting encounters they have with their fellow travelers and the different weird and wonderful trains they travel on. 

What I enjoyed the most, throughout the book were the interactions with their fellow travellers. If you love travel, any kind of travel, and especially if you love train travel, you're sure to relate to some of their experiences and enjoy this book. 

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1000 Adventures Big & Small"

“So start dreaming, start planning and get going!”

Calling on good friends and family. And if someone could pass this information on to the Bag Carrier I would be much obliged! On the top of my must-have gift wish list is a coffee table travel book called “The Bucket List: 1,000 Adventures Big & Small.”

“Why?” You ask. “What’s so great about this book?”
It is just so very inspiring that’s why!
It lists so many things to do and places to go, with some that you’ve possibly never even thought of.


Here are a few examples-

“Dip your toes in every ocean on the planet.”

“Search for the world’s last polar bears.”  

“Tuck into the world’s best fish and chips.”

“Howl at the moon in the company of wolves”

“Kayak on Europe’s most beautiful canoe trail”

With each listing background information and instructions are given including the place and best time to visit in order to complete the task and the accompanying photos are superb. The book is arranged in quite a unique fashion. It starts at the North Pole and works it’s way down the planet by latitude until it finishes in the South Pole. The ideas for things to do and places to go cover every age group and type of traveler, from the very adventurous to the most conservative.


It would be great to have sitting on your coffee table to use as a resource when planning a trip, or just to pick up and flick through for inspiration from time to time. As Kathy Stathers, the editor, states in her Introduction “So start dreaming, start planning and get going! With 1,000 adventures for all ages, it’s never too soon or too late to begin the things you’ve only dreamed of doing.”

Reviewed by “So Many Places! So Little Time!”

Ultimate Eatlist by Lonely Planet Food


by Lonely Planet Food

It was just before lunch as we were browsing through the travel books on the book store shelf, when we happened upon this book, “Lonely Planet’s ULTIMATE EATLIST,” and started rifling through it to see what it was all about. In brief, the book has put, in order of rank, the world’s top 500 food dishes and experiences!


Lonely Planet asked the planet’s top chefs, food writers and food obsessed authors to name their favourite, most authentic gastronomic encounters and this book was the result.

Food is such an integral part of the travel experience and, probably like you, some of our favourite travel memories are connected with food. I vividly recall a simple, but so tasty meal, shared with friends in a back street in Istanbul and served by a most amazing ten year old boy who could remember all six of our different orders and serve them to the correct people without a pad and paper or mobile phone! The most mouth-watering, delicious slow cooked flavoursome roast lamb meal in a local taverna in Napflion in Greece. Attempting, but failing to eat a scorpion in a street market in  China. Sitting outside on a warm evening, under a new crescent moon in Muscat Oman, enjoying a mezze platter while the locals smoked their sheesha pipes around us. Ah yes! The memories!

Scorpions for dinner anyone?

But what a challenging task it must have been to attempt to rank these dishes, taking into account, not only the food, but the experience surrounding it! The Bag Carrier and I could simply not agree on our food experience rankings, and you and your travel buddies possibly wont agree either, but it is really of no consequence. You will certainly enjoy looking through the book to find the memorable food exeriences you have shared, and checking out your next travel destination, to make sure you don’t miss any new food experiences on your next trip.

“Mr & Mrs Smith presents:

The World’s Sexiest Bedrooms”

Some people have amazing jobs! Tamara Lohan, her husband James, and a team of secret reviewers have been traveling the world over the past 15 years seeking out the most desirable and romantic hotels and hotel rooms for their upmarket hotel lovers’ travel club and this book highlights 35 of the best rooms in design, decor, and ambiance.

Polly Brown, an art photographer has taken the intriguing photos and each room includes tips from the people who have visited there about the hotel and places to see nearby.

All the rooms are amazing and quite unique but for starters, I’m heading off to Cap Rocat in Mallorca Spain for a suite built into the cliff with its own infinity pool on the cliff edge. Or maybe it will be the Soneva Jani Resort in the Maldives with its giant water slide from the patio deck into the turquoise sea below and the retractable roof at night to check out the stars! Now, how romantic is that?

Mr & Mrs Smith Presents: The World's Sexiest Bedrooms

ENJOY from the team at So Many Places! So Little Time!

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