Every traveler needs a First Aid Travel Kit with essential items for dealing with even minor medical events.

Here is a downloadable and printable list of essential items for your first aid travel kit and the reasons that you need them.

Have you ordered your essential NZ road trip guide book - "Kiwi-as-toilets"?

If you are doing a New Zealand road trip this is a must-have,  so that you don't miss the best of our magnificent NZ loos! 

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Special Offer For This  Must-Have Guide Book

For Your NZ Road Trip!

 Not only will "Kiwi-as Toilets" guide you where to go when you need to go, these toilets are places you will want to go to when you don’t even need to! 

Kiwi-as Toilets is a quirky and light-hearted coffee-table book and travel guide that takes you on a tiki tour of 62 of New Zealand’s top toilets.  Who knew we had so many stunning toilet tourist stops?


From toilets that celebrate their region’s heritage and scenery and showcase art and architecture, to wonderfully weird WCs and fun facilities, this eclectic collection of toilets celebrates everything that’s Kiwi-as and is a must-have if you're doing a road tour in New Zealand.

Retail: $29.95 +pp Special offer for our readers only $24.95+pp or $19.95 each if you buy two. 

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