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Spain - Caminito del Rey


USA- New York

USA- Washington DC


"OUT OF AFRICA"  with Geoff & Jill

Out of Africa photos & tips
Africa Elephant family

Geoff Annesley-Smith and Gillian Mathew have been visiting Africa for over thirty years and have spent time in fifteen different African countries.

They have a passion for wildlife and have accumulated over 20,000 stunning wildlife photographs.

Here is a selection of some of their photos from their 2019 & 2018 trips to the Masai Mara in Kenya and Kruger National Park in South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania.

There are also some recommendations and practical tips for those of you who are planning on visiting these areas in the future.

Kudu antelope- stunning horns



“Imagine being completely surrounded by snow-covered, tall craggy mountains with icebergs of all shapes and sizes floating past, and sea-fog descending and lifting again to reveal the most stunning scenery you have ever seen in your life. It is so very eerie to stand out on the deck in the very thick fog with icebergs looming out of the mist, gliding past the ship, and then disappearing again behind us.”

Paulette & Jon- The Antarctic bloggers
cute penguins, Antarctica

Paulette & Jon have visited over 80 countries, but their trip to the Antarctic is now right at the top of their list of recommendations of ‘must-see' places in the world.’ In fact, they insist that every keen traveler just HAS to visit Antarctica.

KEEN TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THEIR AMAZING ANTARCTIC EXPERIENCE?  Then read on in Paulette’s detailed blog of their trip with amazing photos and a Fact File & Planning Tips.


"MAGnificent Mongolia" with Leigh & Martin GILLARD

The total Mongolian experience gave a new meaning to the word “Awesome!”  The space, the history, the feeling of peace and the welcome from the local people.

The nomads are so trusting by sharing their personal space with complete strangers.


PLEASE future travelers! Don’t ever do anything to destroy this trust.

Mongolia Eagle Festival winner
Mongolian Eagle Hunter Festival

The total Mongolian experience gave a new meaning to the word “Awesome!”  The space, the history, the feeling of peace and the welcome from the local people.

Travel Mongolia


"The most dangerous Walk in the world!"

with Alison & Graeme PikE & Jamie & jesse

Trave Spain

"The Most Dangerous Walk in the World!" was the headline that caught our eye while we were researching places to go and things to see on our upcoming trip to Spain. We like a bit of excitement and this hike looked pretty spectacular. We checked it out with the rest of the travelers and we all agreed it was a Must-Do!

 gorge on the Caminito del Rey walk in Malaga Spain

Did it live up to our expectations?

Oh yes! Amazing scenery! Breathtaking views! Huge rock

faces & canyon walls and the river a long, long, way below.


Lots of 'Wow' moments. Around every corner or bend, there was another awesome sight!

 gorge on the Caminito del Rey walk in Malaga Spain




New York travelers

New York- Does It Measure Up To Our Guest Travelers' Expectations?

If you’re planning a trip to New York anytime in the future you might want to take a look at their list and see how the places and activities lived up to their expectations and if you should add them to your list.


Shirene Perry and Malcolm Hanley from Australia spent six days in New York as part of their trip to the USA. They had done a lot of research online before they left and came up with a list of must-see places and must-do activities. Check out their evaluations and tips below.  

Central Park, New York
Helicopter tour New York



with Sue & Philip Williams

Guest travelers- Sue & Philip Williamsd

Washington was everything we expected and more. The overall impression is of grandeur. As a city built to be the capital, it has to have been done with great large federal buildings and architecture that inspires. If you love museums and history, you will love this city.


We found Airbnb was ideal for Washington DC and we were happy to get around on the transport system. We loved Washington and would go back again and there are not many places we say that about.


It truly gives you the impression of grandeur and government, and we enjoyed the ability to be a total nerd in all the museums.   

Abraham Lincoln statue

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