Get out of town!  Best Day trips from the Gold Coast.

Everyone has heard of the famous Surfers Paradise Beach and everyone loves to holiday on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. If you love sunshine, miles and miles of squeaky white sand surf beaches, an amazing range of cafes, bars, and night clubs, great shopping, and exciting theme parks, you’ll love the Gold Coast.

But wait! That’s not all!

Within an hour or twos drive from the Gold Coast is a whole set of totally different experiences that are not to be missed. We asked the local travel experts and travel bloggers for their tips on must-see places on a day trip from the Gold Coast. Here are their recommendations.

MOUNT WARNING-          Be the first people in Australia to watch the sunrise from the top of Mount Warning or take a day hike to the summit.


Paulette Reid, a Gold Coast local and passionate traveler, recommends Mount Warning as a must-do day trip.

Mount Warning is a very distinctive mountain that can be seen for miles around the New South Wales and Queensland borders. It is about an hours drive from the Gold Coast and is a popular spot for watching the sunrise. It is about a two to three hour walk to the summit for people with a reasonable level of fitness. The super fit say it can be done in an hour! 


If viewing the sunrise from the summit is your goal, you need to be well prepared with your departure timing, head torches, food and drink, and suitable layers of clothing

Mount Warning is also a great day hike. Take the road through Tumbulgum (great for a stroll around and a coffee stop) out past Murwillumbah through Uki and stroll around the village there too if you have time. At 64 Mount Warning Road in Uki is the popular Mavis’s Kitchen. This is a restaurant set up in an old Queenslander. Have a seat on the veranda or the garden and enjoy organically grown food, much of which is sourced from their own garden.


Keep an eye out for the Mount Warning signs.  About ten minutes past Uki you will turn right at the turn off to Mount Warning and clatter your way across the old bridge. A further five minutes will bring you to the car park. There is a toilet block here.

The first part of the hike involves about 100 gruelling steps. The trail is like a switchback and is a shady hike through the World Heritage listed rainforest. There is a viewing platform half way up. Take it at your own pace. The final part of the hike is by chain on a rock face!


The magnificent views from the summit are well worth the walk. They stretch out to Byron Bay and right down the coast. Take it easy on the hike back down the mountain. It’s hard on the knees and some say hiking poles are a good aid, especially coming back down. The best time to do the hike is probably during the Gold Coast winter- May to September- when the weather is cooler and the skies clearer without the summer heat haze. Allow five to six hours for the return trip.


It’s definitely a must do day trip from the Gold Coast.

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SOUTH STRADBROKE ISLAND      An island full of interesting trails, local wildlife, great beaches and a popular café and bar with the boaties and locals called Tipplers.


Amy and her husband are world cruisers and travel bloggers. They set sail from France in 2014 and have been sailing and traveling ever since. One of the highlights of their time in Australia was at Stradbroke Island.

South Stradbroke Island is just a short boat trip away from Gold Coast and Brisbane.  This 1800-hectare park is full of trails and local wildlife, plus scenic beach views. Getting there is easy if you have access to a boat, otherwise, take the ferry or water taxi.  The ferry is available out of Mariner’s Cove at Main Beach and takes less than an hour, with a cost of $38 AUD. [link to the ferry:]


An island full of interesting trails, local wildlife, great beaches and a popular café and bar with the boaties and locals called Tipplers


Couran Cove is the base for the ferry, and also provides a cafe.  Once you are there, take a hike on one of the many bushwalking trails, and enjoy one of the area’s most serene and beautiful beaches.  For lunch, Tippler’s, just a 35-minute walk away from Couran Cove Resort, is a fun, casual favorite for the boating crowd.

Wallabies and kangaroos are commonly sighted on the island, and during the right season, whales can be viewed along the coast.  Though harder to spot, koalas and echidnas also live on South Stradbroke Island.

If you are looking to stay longer, the resort has high-end rooms available for an overnight stay, or you can camp at one of the few campsites around the island.

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THE TWEED COAST       Kilometres of unspoilt coastline, pristine beaches, quiet estuaries, and charming seaside villages.


Kathy Marris is a travel and lifestyle blogger, an ex Gold Coast local and now resides just over the border with New South Wales in KIngscliff. She recommends the Tweed Coast for an interesting day out. 

The Tweed Coast is a comfortable day drive from the Gold Coast just across the New South Wales/Queensland border in Australia. Here you will discover 37 kilometres of unspoilt coastline, pristine beaches, quiet estuaries and charming seaside villages. I like it so much that I recently relocated here earlier this year!

Take the Tweed Coast Road exit off the Pacific Highway south of Tweed Heads and take your time stopping by at each and every village along the long stretch of coastline. Make sure you take advantage of the fruit and vegetable farm gate stalls along the drive.

First stop has to be my own little patch of paradise at Kingscliff. This seaside village has actually multiplied during the past few years with the addition of Salt Village and Casuarina Beach to the south. However Kingscliff still retains its charm with a compact little town centre, two caravan parks, plenty of restaurants and cafes, a great pub and pristine beaches and a creek that you can almost have to yourself during the off  peak season.

Hastings Point is the next little village that boasts another estuarine creek that is ideal for paddling a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard or throwing a line in. It’s very popular with young families due to the safe calm waters in the creek.


Further on you will come to Pottsville, one of the larger villages, with great amenities. The caravan park takes pride of place being located on Mooball Creek and Pottsville Beach, giving holidaymakers the best of both worlds.


At the end of the Tweed Coast Road is a relatively unknown village called Wooyung. If you’re looking for a quiet holiday then this would be the perfect spot to camp. It’s renowned for great surfing and fishing.

 Only a hop, step and a jump is the village of Cabarita Beach, another wonderful little holiday spot. The highlight here is the headland that juts out into the Pacific Ocean, where there are protected beaches- perfect for surfing or swimming, and whale watching during the season – June to October.paragraph. 

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NATURAL BRIDGE, SPRINGBROOK NATIONAL PARK      Wild rainforest and a waterfall plunging into a cave.  At night- glow worms and bats!

Eloise Is the travel blogger of 'My Favourite Escapes' and one of her favourite escapes is 'Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park' for a total contrast to the Gold Coast scene

The most popular short walk in Springbrook National Park, Natural Bridge, is only 45 minutes away from the Gold Coast. It’s a total change of scenery. You leave the beach, the surfers and skyscrapers behind to explore a wild rainforest. It’s remote so you’ll need your own vehicle to drive there or join a tour.


The path to reach the photogenic waterfall has been made as easy as possible. There are still some steps and small climbs, so it usually takes around 40 minutes to complete the 1.5-kilometer circuit.


Although the main reason to visit is to watch the waterfall plunge in the cave, the rest of the walk is pleasant. You’ll want to stop even if you aren’t tired. It’s also a special place to visit at night as Springbrook Natural Bridge cave is home to a colony of glow worms and small bats. 


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CURRUMBIN SANCTUARY          A park full of iconic Australian animals and birds and much more!


Sue Williams is another local Gold Coaster travel enthusiast, who has recently had family visiting from the UK, so became an expert on day trips from the coast.  She is a great enthusiast for Currumbin Sanctuary.

This is a great family day out with a park full of iconic Australian animals and birds, as well as lots of other animals. I love going with or without family. It is situated at the Southern end of the Gold Coast just off the Gold Coast Highway in Currumbin and is easy to access by the public buses. You might even see the Currumbin Sanctuary from the air just as you are coming to land, as you fly into the Gold Coast.

Compared to other theme parks on the coast, it is reasonably priced, with a standard adult price of $49.95, but if you look online you may find a bargain, especially outside of school holidays.  There are family tickets too, which offer a good saving. Prices for this ticket will differ depending on the time of the year.

There is a schedule of feeding times starting with feeding the lorikeets at 8.00 am.  They fly in on mass to be fed milk protein and honey and sit on your head and arms and it is a wonderfully colourful and very noisy display. This is a very popular free event and takes place in the morning and again in the afternoon.

There are two bird shows and these are not to be missed, as they have trained so many varieties of birds from birds of prey to pelicans and even a chicken.  They are very informative and great fun. 

A new addition is the Lost Valley rainforest precinct with exotic new arrivals. It shows you how millions of years ago there was a supercontinent of Gondwana and how it split over time. It leads you on a voyage showing different  species from the various continents before the split,

There are many other things to do throughout the rest of the park. You can have your photo taken with a Koala or a snake, feed the Kangaroos and visit the wallabies.  You can also watch a crocodile being fed, alongside alligators, birds, dingos, reptiles.


At the end of the day, there is an Aboriginal Dance Show.  There is also an open train which gives a pleasant and picturesque ride around the park.

It is really somewhere to go at all times of the year but be aware that it will be very busy in the school holidays.

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BYRON BAY  -  Beautiful beaches and chilled atmosphere!

Lexi Forrest is a travel blogger whose specialty is helping people plan their trips to Australia and her choice is Byron Bay for a great day trip from the Gold Coast. Such a wide range of  things to do and places to go!

Byron Bay is a great place to visit on a day trip from the Gold Coast because of the beautiful beaches and chilled atmosphere. Some cool things to do while in Byron Bay include visiting the Byron Bay lighthouse on the eastern most part of the Australian mainland with it’s really stunning views, explore the nine outstanding surf beaches and go surfing, and shop at the local markets. You find an abundance of vegan and organic restaurants, with a focus on quality food.

As well as amazing surf and scenic walks you could visit the Cumbebin Wetland Sanctuary and wander along the boardwalk through the wetland, or take a look around the Tea Tree Lakes with their black looking water.

Tip! Byron Bay is particularly popular among surfers and people who enjoy a laidback lifestyle. If you're interested in learning to surf while in Byron try to book lessons with one of the surf shops a couple of days before you arrive.


Best time to visit Byron Bay:   Byron Bay is beautiful to visit at any time of the year.


How to get there:  Getting to Byron Bay from the Gold Coast is relatively easy. You can catch a shuttle, such as Byron Bay Express for $55 return or you can drive which will take roughly an hour and a half. Alternatively, you could search for an organised day tour. 


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Caitlin Boylan is the person behind the travel blog -'The Country Jumper.' If you're feeling a bit hot and want a cool dip away from the surf she says to head to the Currumbin rock pools

The Currumbin Rock Pools are a not-so-secret freshwater swimming spot just a 20 minutes’ drive from the glimmering sea of the Gold Coast.


The drive takes you through Currumbin Valley and is worth doing in and of itself. You’re headed inland, into the mountains, and the water in Currumbin cools off accordingly. So be prepared for a refreshingly cool dip. There are plenty of rocks to jump from, and the water is deep enough in spots for that to be a safe thing to do. There are also shallower pools to paddle about and chill out in.


There’s parking along the road which is free but can fill up. There is no entrance to the pools so it’s a great free day, or half-day, out. The rock pools are a super pool spot for families, so they are quite busy during the summer holidays and weekends. If you’re looking to avoid big crowds go when the kids are in school.


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BANGALOW MARKET    The Bangalow Market, considered one of the biggest & best markets in Australia, has taken place on the 4th Sunday of every month for over 30 years. 

Let me tell you all about our experience of the big day out from the Gold Coast to go to  the Bangalow Market

We had heard all about the famous Bangalow Market that takes place in the rural historic village of Bangalow, on the fourth Sunday of every month with over 300 very interesting and diverse stalls, live entertainment, and great food in very picturesque grounds with huge camphor laurel and fig trees. It sounded great, so off we went along the Highway to the Byron Bay turn off, then up the main street and looked for the market. And we looked and looked!


It's only a 45-minute drive from the Gold Coast and the date was 31st March so, without doing the math, we assumed that it was the 4th Sunday of the month! WRONG! 31st March is the 5th Sunday of the month. No market! We bumped into another couple wandering around lost who had made the same mistake that we had.


Never mind! It is a quaint historic little town with lots of good cafes and we had a great Sunday lunch! There was a huge second-hand clothing market in a big hall and we had a quick look around, but there were so many clothes it was actually a bit overwhelming. 

We  took the Byron Bay route back to the Gold Coast and had a wander along the beach.  Not quite the day we had planned but very pleasant nonetheless. We'll have to wait now to hear from you, about your day trip to the Bangalow Market!


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