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ESSENTIAL gifts for travelers!

Stack of Christmas Gifts

We asked a group of travel experts for their suggestions for Essential Gifts, under $100, for people who love to travel.  Here are their recommendations.


So get out that difficult gift list of what to buy traveller friends or family and start filling in the blanks.

2020 Travel Book -Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gift- Amazing Train Journey

Here at “So Many Places! So Little Time!” we love books and we found these great Lonely Planet books at our local book shop that we would really love for ourselves. However, we would find it difficult to give these away as gifts, because we would want to hang on to them!


We would love to find ‘Best in Travel 2020’, ‘Amazing Train Journeys’ and ‘Epic Bike Rides of the World’ amongst our birthday or Christmas gifts,


We also thought a ‘Traveller’s First Aid Kit’  would be a very practical gift and we loved the novelty luggage tags and eye masks for fun gifts.

First Aid Kit For Travelers
Baggage Tags- Christmas Gifts

Mitch is the blogger behind Project Untethered, where he teaches adventure-craved wander lusters how to escape the rat race, earn money while traveling, and build an “untethered” life. 

“One of the top gifts on my Giff List this year is a new Bluetooth speaker—more specifically, the JBL

Flip 4. I’ve met a couple of other travelers with this speaker, and it’s amazing. It sounds great, it’s compact and best of all, it’s waterproof and super rugged. I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting damaged during all my adventures.


I once even saw a guy who had it clipped to his waistband as he was tubing down the river!

In case anyone wants to buy this for me, you can find it on Amazon, Walmart, or any big electronics store for US$89. (FYI I like the blue one).”

Holly from "Four Around The World" is a great fan of Powerbanks.

“One of the best gifts for travel is a good quality power bank. I bought my husband an inexpensive solar portable charger for his birthday this year and it was such a lifesaver for our New Zealand campervan trip.

It meant we could keep our devices topped up on the road, even when we did not power up for a few days. This saved us from arguing over the one dashboard charger when we were driving! It happens.... 

Powerbank- Christmas gift

We use the power bank a lot even when we aren't traveling too, if one of us, or the whole family are out somewhere for the day and want to avoid our phone battery running flat.

The best thing is that you can get power banks to suit any budget, either online or from your local electronics or department store. 

Packing cubes Christmas Gift

Lena Drevermann from “Salut From Paris”  is a great believer in giving ‘Packing Cubes” as a gift.

"Every traveler will be grateful to receive packing cubes fas a gift. It is a real struggle to keep luggage in order and nerve-wracking to have to constantly be rifling through your bags when searching for a specific item, again and again. When traveling with packing cubes you can pack your gear already sorted by theme or usage, it’s a huge time and 'nerve' saver!  No need to search for specific items anymore, find the cube and you’re good to go! 


Packing cubes are already available for as little as $16. but I recommend not to purchase the cheapest available, as the zippers are often not good quality. Packing Cubes are available on Amazon and in shops specializing in outdoor and travel gear."

Paulette Reid, a frequent guest traveler on "So Many Places! So Little Time!" is another packing cube believer but her favourites are compression packing cubes!'

"So everyone knows about packing cubes, and if you're not using them by now you need to start. They keep your clothes so organized and it's easy to see where everything is. And as a bonus, the inside of your bag looks nice and tidy, instead of one big chaotic jumble.


However, here is a slight spin on the packing cube. It's a compression packing cube.  It works like the expander zip on your suitcase, except in reverse.  You unzip the expander, fold, roll or fold your clothes in the cube.  Zip up the lid, then zip up the expander so your clothes compress down to make more room in your bag. Magic!  


Here is the link https://www.sashacose.com/products/compression-packing-cubes-3pcs "

FIlter Water Bottles-Chistmas Gift

Sarah Carter, blogger from "A Social Nomad" would love a filter water bottle as a gift. 


"No one who has traveled can fail to worry about the amount of single-use plastic in the world.  And a huge amount of that plastic is related to single-use plastic water bottles.  A filter water bottle is a great gift because it allows you to drink tap water when it's not safe to drink. It allows you to top up from rivers and streams if you’re hiking and it allows you to not only save money while you’re doing this BUT save the environment too!

You can buy a good filter water bottle from around US$45 and replacement filters for US$20.  Buy from any good outdoor retailer or Amazon."

Swiss Army knife Christmas gift

'More Life in Your Days'  is a family travel blog that Chris puts together. It aims to provide travel tips and inspiration that gives parents the confidence to travel the world with babies and children.

Chris thinks that a Swiss Army Knife is the perfect travel gift for any occasion. "This versatile and compact knife is a genius piece of design and manages to squeeze loads of useful tools into one tiny package. You get knives, scissors, a saw, a bottle opener and a thing for cleaning horse’s hooves. What more could any traveler want?


We think it is an essential piece of kit to take traveling. We have used it to cut up watermelon, trim down passport photos and open up tins and bottles. You can get a few different sizes of knife with more or fewer tools depending on what you need.  All are available on Amazon from around US $20 upwards. Just remember to pack it in your hold luggage!

Bridget, aka ‘The Flashpacker’ is a London-based travel blogger and an enthusiastic part-time traveler. She shares her 30-years’ experience of traveling through 70+ countries, and specializes in solo female travel for those in mid-life, in affordable luxury. She recommends a ‘Moleskine Voyageur Travel Journal’ as a great Christmas gift.

“What could be a better gift for someone who loves fine stationery, almost as much as travel, than a ‘Moleskine Voyageur Travel Journal?’ Capturing our travel memories is important, so let’s do it in style.


You can use this classy hard-backed notebook before and during travel. It’s structured before and after sections provide space for travel planning and to record your thoughts and experiences. Weekends away, short trips and longer adventures are all catered for.

Its blank ivory pages allow you to create a travel scrapbook with photos, ticket stubs, maps, and other mementos. There are even themed stickers, which let the lucky recipient customize their journal.


Ribbon markers allow you to bookmark pages, and the journal is closed with a satisfyingly snappy elastic band.

The Moleskine Voyageur Travel Journal is a perfect, inexpensive gift for a traveler who needs to plan and create an archive of their adventures. It is available from good stationery shops or from Amazon, where it costs around UK £15.”

Day pack Christmas Gift

An Anti Theft Handbag is Maggie Turansky from “The World Was Here First” recommendation.

“One of the best presents for travellers is undoubtedly an anti-theft handbag. For globetrotters wanting to keep their valuable items secure, while still looking stylish, a purse designed specifically for travelers is an absolutely invaluable item to have. While in a foreign city, you want to make sure that your things are secure from pickpockets and petty thieves, and having a bag that deters them is one of the best things a traveler can have.


The bag I personally use and love is the ‘Pacsafe Citysafe Convertible Backpack.’ This minimalistic and stylish bag can easily transition from backpack to handbag, is big enough to carry all of the things I need for a day of exploring, and is equipped with locking zips, RFID-blocking technology, and slash-proof straps. You can buy it directly from Pacsafe or from Amazon for under US$100. It also comes in three different colours.”

Day pack -Christmas Gift

Disha from Disha Discovers’ website thinks a daypack would make an ideal gift! 

“As an avid traveler, I can't imagine my life without my daypack. I loathe purses. I personally find them annoying and uncomfortable.


A Daypack is the perfect travel accessory. It’s small and light and it carries all the essentials that you need for the day. It's perfect to put your laptop in when you're headed to a cafe to work. It's ideal for carrying around a few water bottles and maps when you're sightseeing for the day.


Daypacks are really easy to find. Amazon has a great selection of them and any outdoor store has plenty of them too. I bought mine from Columbia for US$3 when they were having a major clearance sale. My daypack traveled to 75+ countries with me and came home undamaged. Depending on the type of daypack you're looking for, they can cost anywhere from US$10-70.


All in all, daypacks are a great option to carry your basic belongings in for a day's exploring and a great Christmas gift idea!”

And if you're buying for a traveling Mom with a baby or toddler Diana from 'Travels In Poland' says a Backpack Diaper Bag is an excellent gift!

"Moms have a lot of things to carry around when they have babies and toddlers.  From multiple outfits to diapers, wipes and a whole boatload of other items, traveling with all this can become difficult.  


A backpack diaper bag is one of the best gifts to give a mom who has young children.  It is hands-free, holds an insane number of items and many can be used as a regular backpack once the kids get older.   


You can purchase from retailers that specialise in baby products or purchase it online usually in the $30-50 range.  

Camera Tripod for travelers

Daniel James from 'Layer Culture' is a cultural traveller from the United Kingdom. Daniel dedicates his time to learning Spanish whilst exploring and learning about life in Latin America. His  Gift choice is a Camera Tripod.


"A portable camera tripod makes a great gift for any traveler who loves to take lots of photos. As you travel more, you encounter new photo opportunities every day, some of which you can not afford to miss out on. Carrying a portable camera tripod can help you to capture more dynamic shots including special moments when nobody's around to take the picture.


For $36 you can get a JOBY GorillaPod on Amazon which is a great option. The wrappable legs and rubber grips allow you to secure your camera to virtually any surface. For any traveler that doesn’t yet own a portable camera tripod here is a chance to give them a gift that will their travel photography to the next level."

If you're living in North America, Sydney from 'A World in Reach' has a great  Gift idea for you- a premium membership to Scotts Cheap Flights.


"Whether you’re an occasional traveler or a frequent flyer, a Scott’s Cheap Flights premium membership is a great gift for anyone who wants to explore the world.


Scott’s Cheap Flights is an email newsletter service that sends out the best flight deals from US airports to some of the world’s most popular destinations. Members save more than $500 per flight on average, making this a perfect gift for those who are looking to travel the world on a budget.


All flights that are sent out are round-trip. Most deals are economy flights; however, deals for business class and first-class flights are sent out on occasion. Some past deals have included a $300 round-trip to various cities in Europe, a $600 round-trip from the west coast of the US to various cities in Asia, and a mistake fare from Dallas to Australia for less than $200.


A Scott’s Cheap Flights premium membership costs $49 a year."

We hope we've helped to resolve your dilemma and you've found a suitable gift or gifts for the travelers in your life!


Safe Travels from us all at "So Many Places! So Little Time!"

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