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ULTIMATE EATLIST by Lonely Planet Food

It was just before lunch as we were browsing through the travel books on the book store shelf, when we happened upon this book, “Lonely Planet’s ULTIMATE EATLIST,” and started rifling through it to see what it was all about. In brief, the book has put, in order of rank, the world’s top 500 food dishes and experiences!


Lonely Planet asked the planet’s top chefs, food writers and food obsessed authors to name their favourite, most authentic gastronomic encounters and this book was the result.

Food is such an integral part of the travel experience and, probably like you, some of our favourite travel memories are connected with food. I vividly recall a simple, but so tasty meal, shared with friends in a back street in Istanbul and served by a most amazing ten year old boy who could remember all six of our different orders and serve them to the correct people without a pad and paper or mobile phone! The most mouth-watering, delicious slow cooked flavoursome roast lamb meal in a local taverna in Napflion in Greece. Attempting, but failing to eat a scorpion in a street market in  China. Sitting outside on a warm evening, under a new crescent moon in Muscat Oman, enjoying a mezze platter while the locals smoked their sheesha pipes around us. Ah yes! The memories!

Scorpions for dinner anyone?

But what a challenging task it must have been to attempt to rank these dishes, taking into account, not only the food, but the experience surrounding it! The Bag Carrier and I could simply not agree on our food experience rankings, and you and your travel buddies possibly wont agree either, but it is really of no consequence. You will certainly enjoy looking through the book to find the memorable food exeriences you have shared, and checking out your next travel destination, to make sure you don’t miss any new food experiences on your next trip.

ENJOY from the team at So Many Places! So Little Time!

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