We are writing this blog in the hope that it will help other passionate travelers on their journeys. Maybe by reading about our experiences, it will give you some ideas or tips for places to go, things to see and do, and how to do them.  


We are a couple of kiwi nomad New Zealanders with a great passion for travel. When we became 'empty-nested' in the late 1990s, we sold our business, rented our home and started traveling in earnest!


Since then we have visited over 70 countries and lived and worked in Oman, Bahrain, South Korea, and Australia and completed numerous house and pet sits in England, Geneva, Australia, and New Zealand. We have taken cruises in the Baltic, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, and the Transatlantic. 

The Bag Carrier & Maureen

To find out more about us take a look at the Travel Bloggers Interview on

"Volumes and Voyages"

The colorful camels at Petra, Jordan



We researched how we could finance our traveling on the very small budget we had available to us at the time. We discovered that 'Teaching English as a Second Language' was our best option, as way back in the distant past we had both been teachers, and our qualifications were still valid.


We did a one month TESL CELTA course to add to these qualifications and away we went. We didn't know how it would work out and if we would be away from NZ for six months or six years. We had absolutely no idea!

We headed to South Korea as we had enjoyed teaching the South Korean students when we had done our one month CELTA course in Auckland. It was a great choice! We spent two bizarre years teaching in a university in central South Korea.

We then thought we had jobs in Hong Kong ( I think they are still processing our applications twenty years later) and ended up at a teachers' college on the coast of the Sultanate of Oman for five amazing years, and finally at the University of Bahrain for another interesting four years. 

In that time, we used these places as bases for traveling further afield during our many holiday periods. For example, from South Korea we visited Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia (including the beautiful Tioman Island) and the Philippines.


And from the Middle East, we traveled to the UK, Africa, Sri Lanka, Egypt, India, cruised the Baltic and made numerous visits to different countries in Europe. 


After 11 years of TESL teaching we were getting a little jaded and decided to head back down under and we ended up buying Management Rights (a holiday apartment building with renting rights) on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.


Our resort was located directly on the beachfront. We walked out of our back gardens straight into the surf! An amazing location. It was certainly a change of lifestyle, with hard work and long hours, and our casual traveling became very restricted.


We had to sell the business when Maureen became ill with cancer and we returned to New Zealand. We were a couple of lost souls back in New Zealand. We didn't know where we wanted to live, except we didn't think we wanted to live in a big city again and didn't know what we wanted to do, so we took up house sitting until we got ourselves sorted. (See house sitting section for more details) 


We enjoyed some wonderful house sits but in spite of our initial intentions not to live in a big city, we eventually ended up living back in big city Auckland, because grandchildren had started appearing and we could easily get work-TESL and relief hotel and motel manager jobs in Auckland and we had also come to the realization that we weren't ready for the quiet life just yet! 


We are currently semi-retired and doing relief hotel work on contract in Auckland and the Gold Coast, and travelling as much as we can. There's still a lot of world out there we haven't seen................

To find out more about us take a look at the Travel Bloggers Interview on

"Volumes and Voyages"

The Thrill Walk -Murren
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