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Looking for the best multi day hikes in New Zealand?

Here is your guide to the "10 Great Walks of New Zealand"-a group of spectacular 2 to 6 day hikes  (and one canoe or kayak trip) that will take you through some of the most dramatic and spectacular landscape in New Zealand. These multi day hikes or walks have been designated by New Zealand's 'Department of Conservation' (DOC) and are developed and well maintained by DOC.


Your guide- "the HEAPHY TRACK!"-One of the 10 Great Walks of New Zealand

All you need to know to hike the Heaphy Track with it's wealth of amazing flora and fauna. Starting with dry beech forest, you pass through the red tussock downs, then podocarp forest (rimu, kahikatea, and matai), and finally the lowland rainforest featuring most obviously, the Nikau palms and massive old Rata trees.

Your Guide-"the TONGARIRO NORTHERN CIRCUIT"-One of the 10 Great Walks of NZ

The three to four day tramp takes you through the heart of the national park where you’ll encounter all kinds of otherworldly landscapes- past smoldering volcanoes and thermal steaming vents,  through ancient beech forest and  emerald, sapphire and turquoise lakes. 

Your Guide - "the Kepler Track"-

One of the 10 Great Walks of New Zealand

All you need to know to hike the Kepler Track. You will navigate a diverse landscape of ancient beech forests, alpine grasslands, mountain ridges, sparkling waterfalls, and lakes,-you'll find a little bit of everything tramping this three to four-day track.

5 Reasons to visit "Hamilton Gardens" in New Zealand

Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand is like a Disneyworld of gardens. It is a unique concept! You don't have to be an avid gardener to enjoy and appreciate it!

25 Tips to Stretch Your Travel Budget!

Stretching your travel budget means getting the best possible value, for the money you have available to you, and being able to linger longer and to do or experience the things that give you the most joy when you travel.

Coast to Coast Walk-Auckland 

Did you know that you could walk right across New Zealand, from one coast to the other, in just four hours?

Here is all you need to know about the Coast to Coast Walk in Auckland.


South Island Road Trips

North Island Road Trips

If you are doing a New Zealand road trip this is a must-have guide book of all the amazing and magnificent loos throughout New Zealand,  


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Information, tips and tricks to ensure you have an amazing experience in New Zealand!

Top Tips to help you ensure you have a hassle free campervan or motorhome trip.

25 Amazing Experiences you can have in New Zealand from adrenalin-pumping adventures to serene sunsets by the sea. 

If you're looking for accommodation for your trip check here first. 

Here are some really unique places that we know you'll love!

Check out these informative posts too-just click on the title.


For those of you lucky enough to be out and about or planning on doing a road trip soon, have you got a First Aid Travel Kit? Have you updated it recently in light of the current pandemic?

Here's a post that will give you instructions for how to make your own First Aid Travel kit, or update it, if you already have one. There's a printable checklist too to make it as easy as possible. Stay SAFE!


A must-have checklist for important things you must do when you COLLECT your rental campervan or motorhome!


Here are the 20 best travel apps that will give you all the information you need.  There's even a FREE printable checklist.

10 best things to do and places to go in Montreux. Why include Montreux in your travel plans. Planning tips for your trip.

Need an adrenaline boost? Great views to go with it?  The Thrill Walk, way up in the Swiss Alps is where you need to be.

If you're in Lucerne you must do at least one of the amazing mountain day trips. Two of our favorites are Mount Rigi and Mount  Pilatus. 

There are just so many picturesque and stunningly scenic train trips in Switzerland. However, on a recent winter tour of Switzerland one particular trip stood out. 

With its picturesque medieval village and castle, interesting cheese factory, and the nearby chocolate factory, Gruyeres is so much more than just great cheese!


An updated travel first aid kit is more important than ever today, with the emphasis on avoiding the coronavirus and/or unknowingly spreading it further.

We asked the travel experts for their top tips for staying fit and healthy while you’re traveling and here's what they said!  

The greatest benefit of house sitting is that you can live like a local in the destination of your choice.Every house or pet sit is a unique experience! 

Like to know one of the secrets of affordable travel? Maybe you should consider a house swap or home exchange

The old boy scout motto of “Be Prepared” has never been more relevant! Here are some essential tips you need to survive your trip.

Important tasks you must do when you collect your rental campervan or Motorhome to ensure a problem free trip! Printable Check list.

Favorite Destinations

A Guide to Amazing Street Art Murals & Microbreweries in the  hip area of Kakaako on Oahu in Hawaii.

This would be such a great trip for a group of attention-seeking, fun-loving friends to borrow or buy some costumes & stunning masks and have the most unforgettable and amazing time. 

You will be spoilt for choice for things to do & places to go. Here is our list of places that ‘knocked our socks off’ and will hopefully impress you too!

We asked the local travel experts and travel bloggers for their tips on must-see places on a day trip from the Gold Coast. Here are their recommendations.​

How much more awesome could one of the most spectacular sights in the world get?     

It’s less than an hour by train from Venice. Verona is a popular, medium-sized university town and has that youthful energetic vibe. It’s very easy to walk around & there's lots to see!.

Click on the "Destinations" heading in the menu for more of our favorite destinations!

Guest travelers' adventures

Ever Seen a Spotted Zebra?

And take a look at the animal that is said to possibly be responsible for the outbreak of COVID-109 in Wuhan!

Magnificent Mongolia

The total Mongolian experience gave a new meaning to the word “Awesome!”  The space, the history, the feeling of peace and the welcome from the local people

The Most Dangerous Walk in the World

"The Most Dangerous Walk in the World!" was the headline that caught our eye while we were researching places to go in Spain. We like a bit of excitement and this hike looked pretty spectacular. 

Antartica Adventure!

Imagine being completely surrounded by snow-covered, tall craggy mountains with icebergs of all shapes and sizes floating past, and sea fog descending and lifting again to reveal the most stunning scenery you have ever seen in your life.

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