Looking for somewhere to stay in New Zealand? The travel experts give their recommendations for the best places to stay in New Zealand.

Ever seen a spotted zebra?

And take a look at the animal that is said to possibly be responsible for the outbreak of COVID-109 in Wuhan!


Check out Geoff & Jill's amazing African safari photos from their latest trip to South Africa, Naminbia, Kenya and Tanzania.  Travel tips too!

25 Amazing experiences in new zealand

From adrenalin-pumping adventures to serene sunsets by the sea. From wildlife encounters to cultural exchanges, there are a million things to do and places to go! Take a look!

Support New Zealand Tourism businesses!

We know that you're keen to get going to travel New Zealand now that lockdown is over and we're all keen to support the small local businesses.


 If you're looking for accommodation for your trip check here first. 

Here are some really unique places that we know you'll love!


25 BEST TRAVEL photos & memories from Asia

25 Travel experts share their best photos and travel memories from Asia pre-Covid-19. Take a look at 25 very stunning photos and amazing experiences from around Asia.


Maybe there will be one or two that will bring back memories for you or inspire you to add a destination to your must-visit list in Asia.


Planning a trip to Switzerland? Here are the 20 best travel apps that will give you all the information you need, both when planning your trip and when you are traveling. There's even a FREE printable checklist.

USA-Travel experts share their best USA travel memories pre covid-19

The travel experts share their Best USA Memories Pre Covid-19. If you're thinking of traveling around the USA Post Covid-19, you might want to have a look through these for ideas to add to your itinerary.

"MY BEST TRAVEL MEMORY FRom europe- 2019/ 2020"

To help us get through the COVID-19 long lockdown, we asked the travel experts to share with us their best travel memory of 2019 / 2020.  So here they are!



"This too shall pass!"

Throughout history, across cultures, and through very tough times, this saying has been quoted time and time again! And it's true! Here in New Zealand, we are in total lockdown and all doing our best to lessen the effects of this horrific, highly contagious. worldwide virus. The world has NEVER been a smaller place!

The travel industry worldwide is in utter and absolute turmoil. Travelers are isolated all over the world and unable to make it home. Many people's dream trips and holidays have been canceled and travel plans put on indefinite hold. Such great disappointment for so many!

But remember- "This too shall pass" and an interesting new travel world will open once again. But in the meantime STAY HOME & STAY SAFE! 

Two great mountain day trips from lucerne

If you're in Lucerne you must do at least one of the amazing mountain day trips. Two of our favorites are Mount Rigi and Mount  Pilatus. Find out how to get there from Lucerne and what you can see and do once there. 


An exercise for passionate travelers stuck in lockdown! 

What is "Wishful Traveling?"

It's a bit like "wishful thinking." It's putting some future travel dreams in place. It's doing some Wishful Travel planning so that we are prepared and ready to go when the new travel world reopens. It's keeping the mind open to endless opportunities. It's using the power of visualization.

Montreux- The Swiss Riviera!

10 best things to do and places to go in Montreux. Why include Montreux in your travel plans. Planning tips for your trip.

Check out the lakeside boulevard with its great gardens and sculptures galore, Freddie Mercury statue and recording studio, a lake cruise across to France, Vevey, the neighboring town and home of Nestle, a great mountain train ride and much more.


Need an adrenaline boost? Great views to go with it?  The Thrill Walk, way up in the Swiss Alps is where you need to be.


 The Thrill Walk is a 200-meter steel, glass and wire path structure that is pinned to vertical rock that crawls around the side of the mountain. It is definitely not for those people who are afraid of heights.

What is the best mini train trip in switzerland?

How could one possibly choose?


There are just so many very, very, picturesque and stunningly scenic train trips in Switzerland. However, on a recent eleven-day winter tour of Switzerland with our Swiss Rail Passes, we traveled far and wide on the train every day and covered a lot of train miles, but one particular trip stood out. 


You’ve been planning and looking forward to this trip for so long and finally, it’s time to leave!


We hope you’re in top condition because there is absolutely nothing worse than being sick while traveling and a long way from home.


We asked the travel experts for their top tips for staying fit and healthy while you’re traveling and here's what they said! 



with  some important travel tips.

What does your 2020 travel horoscope predict for your travel plans and destinations in 2020?

Yes! It’s that time of the year when we look forward to reading our travel horoscopes for the new year, 2020, based on our Zodiac signs.

We dusted off and polished up the crystal ball, conferred with a few clairvoyants, tossed some tarot cards and crystals about, gazed at the moon, and here is what we discovered.



Every traveler needs a First Aid Travel Kit with essential items for dealing with even minor medical events.

Here is a downloadable and printable list of essential items for your first aid travel kit and the reasons that you need them.

STREET ART- New zealand

Guess what we found in Whanganui?

-Amazing new street art!

Last Easter eight national and international artists were invited to take part in a street art festival in Whanganui. Although there was no set theme they were given some historical information, and a four day time period to paint their murals on buildings in the downtown area. Most of the artwork did reflect some aspect of Whanganui's past or present, and this made it a more interesting display than just a set of random murals. ​


A PHOTO tour of tibet

Paulette and Jon have just got back from another of their amazing trips. This one was a short trip by their standards. Just a quick 10-day tour of Tibet.


We went through their photos and selected 30 of the ones that aroused our curiosity. So come with us now on a photo tour of Tibet with Paulette and Jon.  It could very well motivate you to plan a tour of Tibet too! 



A Guide to Amazing Street Art Murals & Microbreweries in the hip area of Kakaako on Oahu in Hawaii.

Spend a few hours wandering around, being amazed and surprised by the variety of stunning wall murals around every corner, and while you’re in the area, stop by and sample the wide range of beers and food available at the local microbreweries, speakeasies, and cafes.


Get out of town!  Best Day trips from the Gold Coast.

 If you love sunshine, miles and miles of squeaky white sand surf beaches, an amazing range of cafes, bars, and night clubs, great shopping, and exciting theme parks, you’ll love the Gold Coast.

But wait! That’s not all! Within an hour or twos drive from the Gold Coast is a whole set of totally different experiences that are not to be missed. We asked the local travel experts and travel bloggers for their tips on must-see places on a day trip from the Gold Coast. Here are their recommendations.



.......and ‘getting around’ instructions so that you can find them easily.

In Buenos Aires, you will be spoilt for choice for things to do and places to go. Here is our list of places, in no particular order, that ‘knocked our socks off’ and will hopefully impress you too.

Check out the world's most beautiful bookshop, where stunning street art is located, the birthplace of the tango, where Eva Peron is buried, where Diego Maradona played football, where you can watch a 24 ton metallic flower open and close and much more 

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

GUEST travelers

"The most dangerous Walk in the world!"

with Alison & Graeme Pike & Jamie & jesse

"The Most Dangerous Walk in the World!" was the headline that caught our eye while we were researching places to go and things to see on our upcoming trip to Spain. We like a bit of excitement and this hike looked pretty spectacular. We checked it out with the rest of the travelers and we all agreed it was a Must-Do!



PART 1: Stunning street art

Buenos Aires took us by surprise! We had visited once before, just for a day, on a South American cruise and we had had a pleasant day, but it wasn't a place we came away from saying, "That was great! We MUST come back again!"


But we are so glad we did go back! Such a fascinating and interesting city, with its strong European flair mixed with the Latin American vibe.


And one of the main reasons we loved it so much was for the stunning street art!


best of IGUAZU falls -South America

 Rainbows, butterflies & waterfalls!          

How much more awesome could one of the most spectacular sights in the world  get?        

Stunning Photos - Stunning Facts- 

Travel tips -to inspire you to add  Iguazu Falls to your 'Must- See' destination list!

When Eleanor Roosevelt visited them she declared "Poor Niagara!"


Iguazu Falls are, taller than, and twice as wide as Niagara Falls and set in an amazing rainforest jungle.

Check out the latest inspirational travel quote..

Check out the latest "Best of Travel Books" review!


It’s an adventure! Every house or pet sit is a unique experience and I can guarantee you’ll have some great stories to tell on social media or when you get home.


The greatest benefit of house sitting is that you can live like a local in the destination of your choice. You can either select a particular destination or an appealing looking house sit in any destination,and use your new home as a base to explore the local area and beyond.

Travel tips: 9 Ways to Survive Those Long haul Flights in economy

So you missed out on a large lotto win this week and now have no option but to book that long flight in economy class. Once upon a time, a long haul flight was considered to be 8 to 12 hours. These days the ultra long haul flights of around 15 to 17 hours are becoming more and more common.


The old boy scout motto of “Be Prepared” has never been more relevant! Here are some essential tips you need to survive your trip.


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